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Mobile application systems
IES (Individual Evaluation System)
Direct Information delivery system
Consulting Service
Contents Development Services
Providing network systems and Contents development and production.
Network which uses a mobile phone can serve as effectual measures not only in the business aspect but as a sales promotion medium. We provide the best suited solution to meet our client's needs and not only we provide planning but also complete the production phases. Moreoever, our strength lies in our patent and intellectural rights knowledge and skills. We could provide consultation support and services to complete your patent your goals.

Mobile application systems
We provide customization services and development services for your mobile application, and by utilizing our mobile E-commerce engine, we could customize for your need.
IES(Indivisual Evaluation System)
IES is a system of which participants of online games could evaluate each others skills and techniques. This system has been registered and patented. (Patent#3418728) As an example to an applied game application would be a soccor game application where end users could evaluate others and the higher rated users can join a higher level team.
Direct Information delivery system
This is a web system uniquely designed to delivery information with less time lag to the end users. This system has been registered as a patented product.

  Consoulting and Production Services
Consulting Services
On behalf of the client, we provide services such as application and acquisition of intellectual property rights (Patents and Registration Trademarks).
Production Services
Our production service is extensive: mobile java software, mobile network system, mobile contents, and multimedia contents using Macromedia Flash and Director. We could provide a holistic production package from planning to production.

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